“Youth and youth culture"
Foredrag på Testrup

Tidspunkt: 16/03/2011 19:30
Sted: Testrup Højskole, foredragssalen
Arrangør: Testrup Højskoles Skolekreds

Foredrag på engelsk v. Dr. Thomas Ziehe, professor ved universitetet i Hannover og international anerkendt ungdomsforsker: Some changes in general culture and their impact on today’s youth.
It used to be common to associate “youth” with youth culture. But presently, that is not the point any more. What is more effective, seems to be a change in the general culture. It is a change for all of us (though it might be seen more clearly with the young ones). A change of mentalities and life-forms that could be named a “silent revolution”. It is not connected with big events or political breaks. It rather refers to the unspectacular normality of our everyday life – in respect to knowledge, to values, and to our subjectivity. These changes seem to come along with altered desires, relevances, and forms of personal crises.
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